Not Provided is Not the End of the World


What’s This Not Provided Stuff About? Since 2010, Google has made encrypted search available to its users. When using encrypted search, your query (keywords) that were previously supplied to owners of the sites you clicked through to stopped being provided. Marketers and Web analysts who have come to measure site visitors by which keywords they …

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Google+ Events integrate with Gmail, too

Last week at Google IO, Google announced a new features to Google+ called Google Events. Aside from all the social implications, they also announced that Google+ Events will have beautiful visual invitations that will integrate with your Google Calendar. Turns out, these invitations also integrate with Gmail differently than other calendar events.

Google Apps Browser Detection Bug?

I just logged into Google Docs to edit a shared presentation on which I am collaborating and got the following pop-up: This immediately took me aback because I was using Firefox version 10.0.1, the latest version.

Stalking the Panda

It’s almost that time! Just because winter is over doesn’t mean it’s time for holiday. For every update Google continues to make to its algorithms, people have to keep moving to change with them.  Since its roll out in February, the Google Panda update has been the talk of the site owners who were affected and the rest of …

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New Google Chome Error Screen

It used to say “Oh Snap!”  Apparently that’s not so cool anymore. But what is?  Star Trek! Google has always had a sense of humor. Previously, their blue screen error message looked like this: Is this something we should be watching? Will Google be changing this every few versions? Thoughts?