Halloween 2010: Classic Movie Monsters LIVE!

Halloween 2010: Monster BandHalloween 2010

Classic Movie Monsters – “LIVE” on Stage!

This year I gave a nod to the original Universal Studios monsters in a fun, modern way. I created four of the original monsters and made them into a “live” band. The monsters included: Frankenstein’s monster, Wolf Man, Dracula and the Mummy. A fifth character – a skull and some bones – was added in, coming out of a pile of dirt beside a headstone. It was the lead singer. “Frank” and Wolf Man sang “backup.”

With a stone dungeon backdrop, the Mr. Bones and the Monster Quartet played on a three-tiered stage. All three animatronic skulls were working that night. Two were attached to Frank and the Wolfman who sang backup to Mr. Bones in the lead. Using Left-and-Right stereo channels, the pair of monsters sang independently of the front man to great effect.


Both Wolfman and the Mummy were on fans, oscillating along as they played.

We didn’t theme the candy this year, but everyone came to watch the concert, despite some rain and sleet.

More videos on my YouTube channel.