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key on keyword in dictionaryYou know your business. You speak the lingo. But do all your customers? Wanting to be first for generic words is great, but will it get you the return you’re really looking for? Knowing which keywords people use to search to  find what you offer is key. Without targeting the right words and phrases, your visitors may just leave your site immediately. Like any other demographic, you want to target people who truly want what you have to offer, not the people searching for something tangentially related to your offerings. Keyword research is the most important aspect in any SEO or Web marketing efforts. Without knowing popular keywords in your industry, you’re flying blind.

Key Word Research Service

Let Thom research keywords for your organization that will help others find your site, stay longer and complete your site’s goals. Each report will start with generic and broad phrases and finds thousands of long-tail keywords compiled from what people have actually typed into Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular search engines.

The deliverable: A digital keyword report (PDF) containing thousands of related keywords and phrases, including search frequency and keyword effectiveness index (KEI) rating.

Keyword Effectiveness

They Keywords you use should be specific to your offerings and popular. A keyword effectiveness index is a quantifiable value representing the relationship between popularity in search and popularity in usage on competitors’ sites (competition).  To rank the highest – or get the most bang for your buck on PPC ads – a keyword phrase should be used on the least number of sites. Whatever keyword research services you retain, make sure you get the full picture.

Keywords & Content Marketing: How to use your keywords effectively for SEO

Once discovered, naturally, the next step is to use the discovered keyword phrases for your on-page SEO efforts. Keywords need to be added to page titles, headings and other parts of your Web pages, using specific styles and document construction techniques.

However, the list of long-tail keywords can also be used to generate new ideas for your content marketing initiatives.

The findings in this report are to be used not only to target specific phrases for higher on-page performance., but also to glean new ideas for blog posts, supplemental pages and other content marketing initiatives. While some of the discovered phrases might not be an exact fit, people are actively searching for these words. Think about the context of their searches and generate good quality content that incorporates the keyword phrases.

Keywords: Long Tail & Short Tail

When you search, do you look use one generic word? Starting off, perhaps you do. Then you refine your search, adding more key words to your initial keyword. Those words combine to create a keyword phrase. The longer your keyword phrase, the better your chances of finding what you want.

Keyword research conversion graphKeyword research conversion graph

Your customers use long keyword phrases too!

The more generic a search is, the less chance searchers find what they want. When that happens, they keep searching more specifically.

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