Web Analytics Audit

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Audit Your Web Analytics to Ensure Proper Measurement

Web analytics solutions are typically easy to set up. Drop some JavaScript code on the page and away you go, right? Not quite. It’s one of the most important to your marketing efforts, but typically a last thought in most Web development processes.

Is a Web Analytics Audit Really That Important?

Yes. You need to be able to rely on your web traffic data. If it’s inaccurate, missing or otherwise unreliable, it can affect the decisions you make.

Your Web Analytics Code Must:

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  • Be current and up-to-date
  • Be present on every page
  • Be in the proper location on the page
  • Include additional code options for tracking certain items


…or it could affect the performance of your site and your ability to measure certain behaviors or campaigns.

Web Analytics Audits Also Include:


  • Property and account settings
  • Internal Search Tracking
  • Goal settings and funnel configuration
  • Event tagging and code
  • eCommerce configurations
  • Other opportunities for better measurement



  • Proper campaign tracking
  • Google Alerts
  • Search Console and AdWords connectivity
  • Signs of spam/bot traffic
  • Tag manager configurations


Get Your Analytics Audit Now – Don’t Wait!

Get the piece of mind you need to make sure your data-driven decisions are true.

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