Halloween 2011: The World of Harry Potter

Halloween 2011

HOGWARTS. The ultimate test.

OK, it was Hogwarts and Hogsmeade village. Complete with floating candles, house banners, an interactive, talking Hagrid (voiced by yours truly), Zonkos, Honeyduke’s, Shrieking Shack, posters of wanted death eaters, an array of wands on display. The candy  – of course – was Honeyduke’s finest chocolate, freshly shipped in from their satellite office in Hershey, PA, USA.

For years, the discussion was how to pull off a Harry Potter-themed Halloween. With the last part of the final Harry Potter movie released in 2011, the time was now. Lots of ideas came and went. Some included dementors, death eaters shooting lasers, even fireballs using flashpots or other light pyrotechnics. Unfortunately, time and money won out over awesome ideas.  Still, the end result was stunning and a lot of fun.

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  Up close in the castleLuna poses in the castle with Hagrid in the background The full array (shrieking shack to the left, out of view)