Halloween 2015: Pirate’s Cove

After moving a second time in less than a year, we were whooped and had very little energy for building a huge spread. While there was a bit more time available to prep, a new job also made for a tight budget. Since we were again new to the neighborhood, we again thought it would be fine to re-use the popular theme. Besides, all of us in the family  loved the Ghost Pirate idea in the past and wanted a chance to do it again (and again).

So, the 2015 Pirates’ Cove idea was born. We also were down to only one working animatronic head after the move. We created a “cove” with pirates and wood plank and rope gangway lining the path to the front porch where more pirates awaited.  The flag flew high over the porch, well let from below. Lastly, we made a small ship made from a garden box frame was used for the little dingy that also held a pirate.

The Props and Crew

We created a roped dock/gangplank area, a pirate in a dinghy, and a few other skeleton pirates were hanging out around the yard and porch. New year with a new house, we’re still trying to figure out how to lay things out. So we decided simplicity was best.

[fourcol_one]Pirate hanging around
Just hanging around…[/fourcol_one]

[fourcol_one]Your Skeleton Pirate Guide
Guiding your way[/fourcol_one]

[fourcol_one]Drunk pirate
Dunkard freeloader[/fourcol_one]

[fourcol_one_last]Pirate Captain
The captain and his dinghy[/fourcol_one_last]

The captain had the honor of my last working animatronic head. While lame by my past standards, the wireless mic worked to great effect with a new neighborhood of people coming to visit. Several fun conversations were had with both children and adults alike.

The full Pirate's Cove scene

Lighting and other logistics were an issue. How to you hang things when your house is all vinyl siding? Even the soffit is metal, not wood. So I couldn’t screw or hammer to shine lighting down from above. Blacklights become much more difficult to hide that way. Ideas are always appreciated.

Here’s the walk though of the night – our first Halloween in our new home.