Halloween 2013: Alien Invasion (MIB)

It’s always a challenge coming up with ideas, then making them happen. The original flying saucer was around 15-feet wide and built in the garage. Unfortunately, the garage door wasn’t that wide. No matter, that frame didn’t go so well anyway.

Ultimately, the aliens arrived in a flying saucer that was just over 10-feet wide in diameter (before the wind blew it out of proportion).

One little green man wore a commander’s robe. This may or may not have been slightly influenced by the movie Mars Attacks! The other, the alien commander’s intelligence minion, levitated 10 feet in the air to get a good view of all the strangely-dressed humans that came by to see..

The slidshow includes pictures of the pseudo-creative process and the some of the failed first attempts that went into creating the flying saucer. A slider swing as a base, lots of lumber and even pool noodles helped contribute early ideas. Ultimately, the weight was simply too much for a true flying saucer.

The final spacecraft was sauceresque in design with a landing platfrom by which the commander could emerge.


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