WebSite Audits / SEO Audits

A website audit or SEO site audit improves site visibility

website audit - Image of computer keyboard with a stethescopeWhat Is A Site Audit?

A good SEO website audit is a comprehensive third-party analysis of your website. Audits are comprehensive and include a great deal of information about your site. Audit information typically includes:

  • How your website is perceived by search engines
  • What keywords – if any – your site currently ranks for
  • Technical website analysis (code, site architecture and navigation)
  • Search engine crawl-ability and index-ability
  • Analysis of website content
  • Website speed analysis
  • Link analysis (internal, inbound and outbound)
  • Competitor rankings and competitive analysis
  • Recommendations for fine tuning your website

Rave Reviews:

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Thom is not only a website analytics guru who has nearly perfected the art of the technical website audit, but he’s also a world-class speaker, writer, and consummate professional. In a short period of time, Thom has become an integral part of our SEO department.

Does my website need a SEO Audit?

SEO Website analysis is more than just benchmarking. A true website SEO audit offers insight, analysis and actionable website recommendations.

To answer the question of if you need site audit, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can visitors find your website on a search engine?
  • For which keywords is your website ranking?
  • What keywords do your competition’s websites rank?
  • Have you used poor SEO or link building companies in the past?
  • Do you think you’ve been hit by a search engine penalty?

A site audit is the best place to start. If your site is lost in search engines, a site audit helps discover technical indicators as to why. If your site has good visibility on search engines, but your site visitors just aren’t converting, a site audit identifies human interaction factors to help determine why.

What’s Included in a Site Audit?

Website audits examine over 50 elements of on-page and server-level elements that can directly or indirectly influence search engine visibility, visitor experience, usability, and performance measurement. The findings are arranged under 40 different subheadings in the following groupings:

  • Search engine reputation and awareness of your website (SEO)
  • Website architecture
  • Technical site accessibility that could affect SEO
  • Code, compliance and other technical SEO on-page elements
  • Server-side technical elements that affect SEO
  • Website Content, user experience, usability and proper digital marketing
  • Site monitoring and maintenance elements

Site Audit Deliverables:

  1. Full-color Website Audit Report, typically about 25 or so pages
  2. Website audit supporting data in an Excel Workbook
  3. Prioritized opportunity list from discoveries in the website audit.
  4. ACTIONABLE recommendations ton improve your website ranking immediately.

How Do I Get a Website Audit?

Request a website audit on-line right now.

A SEO site audit for your website should take no more than 4-5 business days to complete, depending on the size of your site and previous engagements. The audit will be delivered electronically and includes an hour of consulting to discuss the findings and a spreadsheet with a summary of recommendations for improvement.

If you use Google Analytics or any other Web analytics software, Webmaster tools or other site monitoring tools, access does not need to be shared, but is highly recommended.

A payment of $800 is due upon delivery of the final website audit.

A full quotation will be given and a contract must be executed before any work is started. Web site audit payments are due in full upon delivery.