Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory – Halloween 2009

2009 – Mad Scientist Lair

Frankenstein's Monster - Halloween 2009The precursor to 2010’s idea in more ways than one, I transformed my porch into a mad scientist’s laboratory.  Glowing slime oozed down the wrought-iron supports. A three-tiered shelf of flasks, beakers and other glass containers which were filled with mini skeletons, eyeballs snakes and  creatures suspended in  fluids that glowed under the black light.

The major feature this year was a seven-foot tall replica of Frankenstein’s monster. He was propped up on a slab against the side of the house near the door.  Trick-of-treaters would have to talk with him to get their candy – which I was giving out 15 feet away in the driveway, hiding in the shadows.

I supplied Frank’s voice via a wireless microphone attached to a speaker behind Frank’s slab.

I think it was more entertaining talking to more parents than the kids!

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