SEO Services and Consulting

What can I do for you?

  • Streamline business information systems
  • Apply white hat Search Engine Optimization practices to your Web site
  • Establish Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Analyze Web statistics to increase Web traffic

Whatever your budget, it is possible to increase qualified traffic to your Web site.

You want more Web traffic, but only if that traffic brings customers. Thousands of visitors who found your site first when they were looking for something you don’t offer does not help anyone.

I’ll get you more qualified, quality traffic. I’ll increase your brand awareness.

What I won’t do for you:

No one, myself included, can “make you first on Google.”  If someone promises you that, it’s a line.  Google in a dynamic site that is always changing.  Search dynamics change on multiple searches, on new content from competitors and on real-time results.

Search results are different for EVERY user depending on the device used, location, history, account activity and many other factors. Better website ranking for a keyword is no longer a one size fits all approach. It involves rich snippets, social media and so much more.

Ready to Get Started?

With over 13 years of experience, I offer many different services including:

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