About Thom

“A marketing guy in a geek’s body”

Thom CraverWith over 20 years in Web experience, very few people have the unique perspectives on making the Web work for business than Thom. He is a noted search engine optimization expert and a self-proclaimed “marketing guy in a geek’s body.” Additionally, he is an accomplished speaker, instructor and soon to be author.

With systems administration skills in UNIX/Linux servers, including various Web server platforms, virtualization, email and DNS. Because of this, he knows the best ways of optimizing Web pages and servers for speed and can also devise low-cost business solutions for integrating internal Web, email and internal file services, whether internal or outsourced. His programming  skills include several computer languages, with an emphasis on PHP, the language by which many Web services run.

SEO Expert and Consultant

Thom has been involved with Search Engine Optimization for over a decade. From helping clients of New York Web Works – his first company – to be found for their products and services to speaking at search and social media conferences, Thom has been recognized as an industry thought-leader in the areas of organic search engine optimization, digital analytics and social media. Find his Web Analytics online courses at ClickZ Academy.

I offer a variety of IT consulting services from technical to logistical.  Most of my experience has been integrated solutions that do not disturb current work flow processes.  These solutions range from Internet services (Web development, Email, cloud services), networking, file sharing and both traditional and Internet marketing services.

TEDx Speaker

In June 2013, Thom spoke at TEDx Flour City, presenting a 3-minute talk entitled Checking in to Give Back. It discussed how search has impacted our lives even in something as simple as finding a restaurant. The take-away was how we can use social media to give back to the community at large via check-ins and smart phones.

Adjunct Faculty Positions

Thom has previously held adjunct faculty positions at several well-respected colleges and universities, teaching courses across several disciplines.

Serial Entrepreneur

In addition to helping countless startups with Websites and online marketing strategies, Thom owned and operated the following two companies.

New York Web Works (1997-2004)

Thom founded and operated  the Web site development and marketing firm, New York Web Works for eight years. In 2004, he led a merger with Corporate Communications, Inc. After the transition, he initiated and led Corporate Communications’ initiatives for clients in the areas of search-engine marketing, encompassing organic search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and site performance monitoring.

Crocodile Rock Entertainment (2003-2011)

Thom founded Crocodile Rock Entertainment, a mobile DJ service in 2003.  More than a music service, Thom brought a new style of corporate team building with a offering a fun and unique game show-style trivia game. Within months, a branded image was built where people were asking about that “song name DJ company with the lizard.” No one said brand recognition has to be precise as long as the customers come to you to buy.

Learn with Thom (2016)

Not so much a separate company, as an online initiative, LearnWithThom.com launched in 2016 in an effort to bring educational masterclass experiences found at symposium and conference levels to everyone, via online channels.


Thom has ghost-authored 14 computer software instructional manuals published by Rochester-based Technical Learning Resources, Computer Confidence Incorporated and California-based SVI Training Products.

You can find his recent articles on SearchEngineWatch.com and SEMRush Blog.


A proud husband and father of two wonderful children, Thom is a family man.

With a passion for soccer, he coached U-8 for Chili Soccer and hosted the Rochester Rhinos pro soccer club’s pre-game and post-game radio programs for multiple seasons in the early 2000’s. As owner of New York Web Works, Thom was the Rochester Rhinos’ webmaster from 1997-2001 and communications director for The Safari fan club from 1998-2001.

Thom’s radio stints include on-air personality positions at 98PXY-FM and WYSL 1040-AM and as the host of SEW Weekly on Webmaster Radio.