Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Web Developer Turned SEO Expert

Thom offers a complete menu of expert SEO services from audit to implementation and everything in between

When performing an SEO site audit, I create a list of recommended actions to perform to fix the issues discovered during the site audit. If your web developers cannot perform the SEO actions, I offer a full-range of SEO services for implementing the recommendations. I will take advantage of every opportunity to increase your website’s search rankings through proper, white-hat SEO.

If you have a development team, I can work with them to implement the SEO action items from the audit. Part of the site audit deliverable includes a check list. I am happy to consult a few hours a month to verify your team is on top of each item and provide month-over-month mini-audits and implementation status updates.

SEO Services Pricing

  • SEO Consulting can be performed a la carte or by retainer
  • “Bulk hours” can be retained for a discounted rate and used on an as-needed basis
  • Monthly retainers are available with a 3-month commitment or more at a more discounted rate

Why Choose Thom for SEO Services?

A renown SEO expert, I have a background in computer science and system administration. Transitioning from coding to Website development was easy. I have stayed on top of SEO best practices and can be seen speaking at various SEO conferences. From rich snippets to good SEO copy writing and everything in between, I have you covered.
Collage of SEO/Web Marketing

  • As an SEO expert, I know how what HTML coding practices should be used for higher website rankings. As a web developer, I can implement those HTML codes to get you the higher rankings.
  • As an SEO expert,I know how to properly use redirects. As a system administrator, I know how to set up and troubleshoot redirects.
  • As an SEO expert, I know the value of rich snippets and microdata / schema. As a web developer, I can implement the correct rich snippets and create schema links  properly.
  • As an SEO expert, I know bad links can hurt your site’s website rankings. As an ethical IT expert, I can analyze backlinks and help with proper link building techniques.
  • As an SEO expert, I can make sure your pages and inbound links are properly tagged. As an online marketer, I can use Web analytics to determine how to optimize your campaigns and content to help make you more money.

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