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What does your backlink profile look like?

Links from other websites to your site has been the foundation of Google’s algorithm since the beginning. It’s still important to have quality, relevant, links pointing to your site. Generally, the more the merrier. But all links are not created equally.

Backlink Checking

It is important to check all the backlinks coming into your site. These can be broken down by good links and bad links. Spammy or “scraper” websites can have an effect on your site’s standing in the search engines.  Any site can link to you – whether you asked for it or not. Everyone has bad links. It’s simply a question of how bad and how many?

How do backlinks affect search rankings?

Google, Bing and other engines look for certain signals by the number of links that point back to you. There are numerous factors to how a page is ranked. Many of them involve links pointing back to your website.

If you acquire too many links too quickly, it sets off certain flags. If too many of your links are from lesser-quality sites, it’s a different kind of signal. Reciprocal linking is also a frowned upon practice. This typically takes the form of “I’ll link to you, you link to me.” Too many of these tit-for-tat linking methods are also a signal to search engines. Will it be enough to penalize you? Probably not. But it won’t win you any points to move up in the ranks, either.

Can I be banned for bad backlinks?

YES! It happens more often then you might think.

If Google feels your site has purchased links or has flagged too many of the wrong signals too quickly, you site could be banned. When that happens you need to do three things:

  1. Request that offending sites remove your links
  2. Disavow the links from those sites
  3. Submit a reconsideration request to Google

Disavows and reconsideration requests require proof that you tried to get the sites to remove your links. Reconsideration requests also require a lot of time and patience waiting for a resolution.

Backlink Checking and Analysis

A deep-dive into your backlink profile includes:

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  • A complete review of your backlink profile
  • A list of all the links found on your site, classified by good, neutral or toxic
  • An actionable list of next steps, based on toxic links


Additional services include:

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  • Backlink removal requests
  • Google backlinks disavow file creation
  • Google reconsideration requests


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