Google+ Events integrate with Gmail, too

Last week at Google IO, Google announced a new features to Google+ called Google Events. Aside from all the social implications, they also announced that Google+ Events will have beautiful visual invitations that will integrate with your Google Calendar. Turns out, these invitations also integrate with Gmail differently than other calendar events.Google+ Events in Gmail

Event calendar notifications typically are represented by  a small calendar icon. The icon is a 31, enclosed in a square with a solid bar across the top. In the image above, the top-most message contains a typical calendar event invite.

Events created with Google+, however, have a different icon. As shown in the third message, New Media Expo invited me to their event. The icon indicating the attached invite is a gray scale version of the Google+ logo.

To me, this seems rather generic. If it is truly an invite event that integrates with my calendar, why not use the standard calendar icon, so I know? It makes me wonder if there are more Google+features that mat integrate with Gmail coming down the pike.