Hurricane Sandy and Halloween Night

Hurricane Sandy Won’t Stop Halloween 2012 For Us

OZWith the rain from Hurricane Sandy coming down and the winds picking up, the plans for a Wizard of Oz Halloween that involved the entire driveway of free-standing, singing animatronics seemed to be getting swept away like a Kansas house in a tornado. The green tarps that covered the garage as a facade of the Wizard’s throne room, blew in the wind up and over the roof. They were still attached and eventually came down. But that could be catastrophic at the wrong time on Halloween night.

Plans, however, can change.

Three days before Halloween, I’ve re-located all the tarps that set the scene of the Wizard’s thrown room. My front porch, covered by roof overhead, will now become the wizard’s throne room. Instead of zig-zagging back and forth across the driveway, the “yellow brick road” will now make a straight b-line for the garage, where Scarecrow and Tin Woodsman will be in each respective bay, flanked by backdrops. All the while protected from any weather elements, safely in the alcove of the garage. The yellow brick road will wind it’s way back toward the house, following our sidewalk straight to the Oz throne room.

I say road, yet I laid out some of it already and it will unfortunately be a yellow muck road, sticking to the pavement with wet leaves all around. Still, it’s there and not blowing away!

Still, Hurricane Sandy will not be thwart here. While the weather might not be great on this middle-of-the-week Wednesday Halloween night, our house will be ready and hurricane-proof to boot.

Photos and videos available later this week on the Halloween page.

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