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Technical Site Audit Clinic at SES New York

SES Day 1 is in full swing. I started this morning giving a little tough love in the Express Clinic mini theater. Mini Site AuditTaking volunteers who were up for the critique, four lucky received a 35-point inspection of their site broken down by six different categories. For each inspection point, they received a grade (A, B, C, D or F) and an overall grade for their whole site. Attendees even got to take home their grade report card!

This site audit clinic was just a mini preview of the full technical site audits I perform. All the major aspect of the site audit were covered. My full site audits actually investigate over 50 different aspects and dive deep into content related issues. With only 10-15 minutes per site, it was difficult to get into anything real deep on stage. But I certainly called out a lot of “low hanging fruit” that people could fix up real quite to get a good quick set of fixes with minimum effort.

Site Audit Tools

Throughout the presentation, I was continually asked which tools I was using. As promised, here’s the list of what I used this morning:

Thank you to all my volunteers and the wonderful woman who brought me and my dying throat coffee!

If you’re an SES Attendee, contact me with your 4-digit badge number from the front of your program book and you too can get $100 off a full site audit, even if you missed the Site Clinic! Use this convenient form to get your site audit now.


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  1. Thom, you did an excellent analysis on my site (the site with very little content!). I will keep you in mind should we need to do a full blown evaluation.

    I just corrected my PHP redirect of the index page to a graceful 301.

    Thanks again,

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