SES New York 2013 Speaking Schedule

It’s time again for the of the best search and digital marketing conferences of year. From the city that never sleeps, it’s time for SES New York! Once again, I’ll be presenting, moderating and otherwise imploring knowledge to the masses.  Here’s my schedule for this year:

SES ConferenceMonday 25-Mar: 

  • ClickZ Academy Training
    How to Collect, Interpret and Use Your Web Analytics Data
    This is a 4-hour training class on Web analytics. I briefly cover the basics of how to collect and which metrics are available then move quickly into understanding Key Performance Indicators and how to select your KPIs. Lastly we discuss reporting and making recommendations.

Tuesday 26-Mar (Day 1):

  • ClickZ Express Site Clinic
    Technical Site Analytics Clinic
    From technical elements to content and usability, Thom will audit your site and present you a website report card to get you back on the path to better rankings, user satisfaction and visitor conversions.
  • Meet the Experts
    Social Media Metrics
    A unique opportunity to learn, network and share information with your peers and leading industry specialists. With a choice of several roundtable discussions, I’ll be presenting Social Media Metrics with Darryn Lavery. Stop by, grab a drink and let’s chat!

Wednesday 27-Mar (Day 2):

  • Session: Driving Consumer Insights with Mobile Analytics
    Visitor behavior on mobile is often different than visitors on desktop browsers. How are visitors arriving to your mobile site? What devices are they using? Is your app different than your mobile site? Get keys to how to measure Mobile.

Thursday 28-Mar (Day 3):

  • Session: Web Analytics Deep Dive
    This session is all about finding those nuggets of information that can really help you take your Web strategy to the next level. From conversion rates and funnels to figuring out how your visitor data translates to your business objectives, this is the session for digital analytics.
  • Moderating: Putting Your Money Where it Counts: Smart Attribution Modeling
    How do you evaluate the performance of each media channel. Attribution is becoming a hot topic as marketers look to attribution models for answers. This session will explore different models, places in which marketers should invest, and successful strategies. I’ll moderate the conversation between Alex Porter and Seth Sarelson.

Whew! See you in New York next week!