Google’s April Fool’s Prank – CADIE

Kudos to Google for going too far this April Fool’s day a job well-accomplished this year!

Google didn’t disappoint, keeping with the tradition of their April Fool’s pranks.  This year, they carried a unified message with Google’s CADIE, and it would appear that every department got involved in this effort.

CADIE (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity) is Google’s new I-can-think-for-you artificial intelligence supercomputer.  CADIE has been featured on (or has she taken over?) many of the Google properties and blogs.

Given a female persona and voice, CADIE apparently learns and acts from what it sees others doing.  Stepping out of a bad technology/”Big Brother” movie, CADIE is able to make decisions for your, based on general socially accepted behavior.  Disregarding ethics, completely, CADIE has a tricked-out home page in Blogger that mimmicks many adolescent MySpace pages.  CADIE’s YouTube page follows suit, with a great amateurish background. CADIE’s justification is that it’s scraped the Internet, looked at what is socially acceptable and presented “herself” accordingly.

Where have I spotted CADIE?

Did I miss one? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I’ll have a whole wrap-up of the Web’s best April Fools pranks later in the week. If you can’t wait, Search Engine Land has a nice write-up of what’s going on today. Dont’ forget about the annual new products at Think Geek.

Does anyone know where Matt Cutts is today?

2 thoughts on “Google’s April Fool’s Prank – CADIE”

  1. Hi! Love that you’re following this. There is also an Australian specific CADIE product – the gBall football! Check it out here

    The reference is a little hidden but on the “FAQ” page… I think had a little *too* much time on their hands for this one 😉

    Love and hugs!

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