Google Unrolls New Ad Types

The Official Google Blog reports today new types of search ads. Citing that they are committed to “giving you the information you want,” Google is unrolling sponsored links that include many different “extras.”  The blog shows details on ads with extra links to the site advertising, maps and videos embedded within the ad space, and even specific products from an advertiser.

Google is also unrolling a feature that allows users to “Compare Sponsored Results.”  That’s right, you want to comparison shop the AdWords customers?  – Google’s got a page for that!  You too can view all of Google’s advertisers at the same time and comparison shop for just the right Winter coat or perhaps the best loan rate.  Since you are viewing ads, are those more impressions for which advertisers are going to be charged?

Keep in mind, this is Google’s second large advertising change this month. Last week, those fine folks at Search Engine Land reported Google was experimenting with paid inclusion.

Through it all, Google claims they will “remain loyal” to their “core principle: that getting the right ad to the right person at the right time matters.”  Really. We all thought it had something to do with not doing evil things.

And the business of search keeps on growing…