– Google’s URL Shortener

Well, there’s no limits to the lengths Google will go to collect the world’s data.  Monday, Google introduced, the URL shortener.  The limiting factor, however, is that you must use Google’s Toolbar to do so. The toolbar icon allows you to share with nearly every social service you ever heard of.

Is this Google’s way of getting around obscure, shortened URLs?  Does this mean that since Google will now own shortened URLs, they will auto-index the correct full URL and continue to crawl more content?  Smart!

What’s next? Is there no limit to what Google will offer for free? Is there any limit to the information that Google can search and index?

1 thought on “ – Google’s URL Shortener”

  1. When you think about the amount of usable data that Google already has with their longer standing services such as Gmail, AdSense, and the actual search engine itself, it really is quite staggering.

    I mean, they’ve already got a huge amount of data in terms of user analytics and they’re only harvesting more and more data through the use of their newer services (Chrome OS, the URL shortener mentioned in this article, Chrome browser, etc.). Simply put, Google is an absolute monster when it comes to their online presence.

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