Wholesale Changes to Google Analytics

The Google Analytics team announced new changes to what they’re calling the Google Analytics Ecosystem.  Several announcements were made today at EMetrics.  Specifically, the team announced Analytics Apps, new reports for tracking AdWords campaigns, includnig AdWords Search Funnels now available in all AdWords accounts and asynchronous tracking is now officially out of beta. If you hadn’t used it before, you can add the code with these instructions.

Apps are apparently where it’s at. After launching the Google Apps Marketplace, Google has now extended the concept of apps for Google Analytics.  Meet the Google Analytics Application Gallery. Currently, there are 32 apps that range from helping you visualize your data better, to integrated plug-ins for WordPress and Firefox.

The concept of the Google Analytics Authorized Consultants has migrated into Google Certified Partners.

Developers – Welcome to the new app marketplace.  What to have at it?  Here’s how.