The Apple-Adobe Apple-Google War

Apple has their panties in a wad about Adobe for a while now. Specifically they don’t like Adobe’s shortcomings with Flash.  Fine, so the iPhone and iPad will never have Flash and will keep showing the blue box.

HTML 5 isn’t official yet. But Apple is behind it because it reduces the need for third-party software like Flash (Adobe) and Silverlight (Microsoft).  Who cares, right? Those are just two pesky little companies anyway. But the behavior of both Adobe toward Apple and Apple back at Adobe are deplorable.

Et Tu, Google?

Apple has also forged a war with Google. Simply put, AppSteve Jobs hates Google for trying to kill the iPhone. Unchallenged for the past four years, Apple finally hates that they have real competition? Are you serious? Oh wait, that’s what all those patent claims are all about, aren’t they?