Analytics Attack: The Post-SES Session Interview

Two SES conferences are in the books for 2013. Last week, I teamed up with my good friend Garry Przyklenk from TD Bank Group to present Analytics Attack: Tracking Campaign Performances. The Web analytics session was focused on improving campaign performance through proper measurement and analysis. Our one-two punch gave the attendees reasons why you need to tag and segment your web analytics data. I provided a technical how-to on tagging and segmenting your web traffic data using Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, while Garry gave  a deeper dive, demonstrating concepts to segment better, find better information and tell the story of visitors, campaigns and business objectives.

Analytics Attack Session Take-aways:

  1. Always tag your campaign links
    Whether you use Google URL Builder or some other platform, if you don’t tag your inbound links, you won’t be able to properly attribute a visitor – or worse: a conversion. Most campaign links will appear to be a direct visit or referral visitor within analytics software without proper tagging.
  2. Segment your visitors in your analytics software
    Measuring visitors in aggregate means nothing toward understanding visitor behavior. your The difference between Web analytics software and Web traffic software is simple but important: Web analytics provides tools for helping you analyze your visitor behavior and campaign performance. Web traffic software reports raw, meaningless data in aggregate.
  3. Tell a story with your analytics data
    Once divided into meaningful groups, look for the correlations between your visitor data and your business objectives to actually tell an analytics story that describes how your campaigns and your business objectives are being met.

Here’s a great post-session interview with the two of us by our moderator, Chris Boggs.