Google Down – More Analytics Woes

CNET News is reporting Google services outages World-Wide .

Granted, this is not a normal occurrence, and (you would think) this would most certainly not become a regular issue.  However, I think the quote from Twitter user @Tadiera says it all:

“The Internet dies with out Google. Can’t get to my bank Web site because it’s waiting on ‘’ This is made of lame,” said Twitter user Tadiera.

I repeat what I wrote earlier this week: If you’re a large company, you do not want to rely on Google Analytics.  At this point, the little guy is now suffering.

From @Google on twitter:

We’re aware some users are having trouble accessing some Google services. We’re looking into it, and we’ll update everyone soon.

C’est la vie.

Updated: 3:30 PM

Oops, we’re sorry, air traffic control rerouted our flight.  That’s the answer from Google about their outage.

One of the cool things about Google is their laid-back attitudes.  It’s what makes them, Google. It’s also what makes them successful and desireable to work for. But 14% of Google’s user base is a lot of affected users.  On the search or mail front, that’s annoying and inconvenient.  On the analytics side, it’s lost data that can never come back.  In some cases, it’s your site’s pages that were never served which is potentially loss of business and certainly inconvenience for your customers and potential-customers.

Google’s non-technical answer is appropriate. However, the short reponse without reassuring their customers it won’t happen again is as tasteless as an airline meal.