Hi, I’m an Apple Device on a Bad Network…

Have you seen the new T-Mobile ad yet? Remember those “Hi, I’m a Mac” ads?  T-Mobile is firing a shot back using the same strategy Apple had against Windows.  T-Mobile’s myTouch, the latest HTC Android hotness, running Android 2.2.

While there’s debate on whether T-Mobile’s 4G network is “officially”  4G or not, they’re certainly trying to both position themselves better than AT&T’s 3G service (not hard to do), while at the same time showing consumers that the iPhone isn’t the only device in the world to do what Apple claims are differentiators.

Here’s the video:

Ahh, irony is never dead in ad executive offices is it? Cleaver ad. If it worked to boost Apple’s sales, what does T-Mobile have to lose?  Certainly not much. The larger question now becomes, will they follow it up? Will Google help pay for commercials and start feature sets, dragging the AT&T network (figuratively and literally) behind them? I, for one, look forward to some nice sparring here.