Halloween 2010 Plans

Halloween 2010 is all about the musical production.  Glee has been a huge hit for Fox and American Idol is still popular for some reason. So what’s going on for this year?  A large stage and signing monster props are in order, as are lighting and fog effects.

This is the proof-of-concept for the 3-tiered stage.

At right is a dimly lit sneak peak of the would-be stage. It has three tiers and will have at least 3 creatures. Stage real-estate and size of the creatures will be the determining factor. We’re planning a drummer, guitarist and singer definitely. I have three workable animatronic heads to work with. So I’d like to get at least four or more.

So far the planned creature ideas include:

  • Wolf Man
  • A Mummy (the? Mummy)
  • Frankenstein (or at least Frank, Jr. – heh, get it?)
  • A Witch of some sort
  • Perhaps a bag of bones

Yes, we had Frankenstein last year – and he was over 8 feet tall.  True, that’s the width of our entire stage. So that’s why we’re thinking of son of Frankenstein. Or, as I’m affectionately calling him, Frank Jr.  It would lend to a great marketing campaign – One Night Only – Frank, Jr. LIVE – A-LIVE!

OK, I digress.  Halloween is 5 nights away; I’m a little punch drunk.