One-On-One With the iPad

Let’s cut to the chase, I’m still not impressed. The apps load fast and the rendering is great.  It is, as advertised, a “magic” device that’s not a computer, starts up quick and connects if there’s an app for it. But this is a toy, not a tool.

Apple iPadThe very pro-Apple-drinking Kool Aid guy who provided me the demo admitted that the iPad is not a good device for taking to a meeting to take notes and syncing with Exchange. There’s a drawing app from Adobe and some notepad/notebook looking app that you can use a keyboard to take notes.  Apparently the latter app will sync notes you take with Exchange, but extremely slowly.  And, of course, if you want to take notes with something more than your finger or the not-so-speedy on-screen keyboard, there is a special stylus you can purchase to do so.

If you’re a cloud computing person, go for it. There are apparently enough apps to sync to various clouds, including Google’s document cloud. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about encryption or other data security issues for your notes.

Other take-aways:

The keyboard was surprisingly simple to use, but not perfect. You still can’t type normal on it.

I played with YouTube, Google Maps and Street View and the rendering speed of the graphics is impressive.

It still doesn’t do Flash.  With apps for YouTube and NetFlix, one problem is solved.  However, if I want to surf Facebook and play Farmville, while lounging on my couch, I’m out of luck.

As I said earlier, it’s a neat little device, but not for me.  Is it for you?

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  1. I want one for reading in bed and on my couch. That blows about farmville. I dont play but I imagine that farmville and other games like it are big on-couch/ in-bed activities. iPad is a leisure device. Too pricey now but when it comes down I’m in.

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