There is a Lifetime Limit on How Many iPads You Can Buy

If you’re the parent of twins who are graduating from High School or have a birthday coming up, don’t go to an Apple Store to buy them iPads and expect to get one of your own, too.  Apparently there is a limit to how many you can buy. It might be two. But Apple Store “Geniuses” don’t have that information.

Apparently a medical student who had legitimate reservations to buy iPads was trying to help overseas friends get their iPads, since they were only for sale in the U.S.  After purchasing several, he was denied the right to purchase iPads.  There is apparently a “lifetime limit” on them.

The Apple Store employee would not give any information, repeatedly dodging they customer’s questions stating “you have reached your lifetime limit” and “I do not have that information” over and over.

And they call these guys geniuses?