It’s the Apple Patent Tennis Match

Apple has always tried to overextend patent rules.  Their new iTunes Concert Ticket patent shows that clearly. Many claim that the patent goes beyond concert tickets. Kit Eaton at FastComany calls it “bizarre and breathtaking in its scope.”  Apple was beat to the mobile ticket game. So how can they claim the patent?

Apple is still pursuing HTC for patent infringement; 20 patent infringements to be exact.  HTC’s (a large Android phone developer) response is that Apple copied HTC first.  Today, however, Microsoft signed a patent agreement with HTC that might trump Apple’s case.  I wonder if this has anything to do with TechCrunch’s exaggerated claims that  Android Web usage is higher than iPhone’sSFGate says the numbers aren’t accurate and I do agree on this one.

In the meantime, there’s now claims that Apple infringed on Nokia patents and Apple infringed on Elan Microsystems patents, too.  Tennis, anyone?