Internet April Fools 2010

Not entirely Google properties, here’s the list of fun, 2010 April Fools Internet Follies I’ve discovered this morning. If you missed my Google April Fools gags from last night, check them out again.

Google Name Change

In honor of the town that changed its name to Google to win a bid for free high-speed Internet, Google changed its name to Topeka today.  If you haven’t noticed it by now, you’re not doing your Topeka searches properly.

Kodak announces Aromatography

It’s nice to see that it’s not just the dot-coms this year. Kodak’s announcement of AROMATOGRAPHY is brilliant.  We all want it, right?

YouTube TEXTp video format

You’ve heard of 480p, 720p, 1080p.  Well, this morning Youtube added a new video format: TEXTp. Remember ASCII ART and all it’s glory? Now you can relive the nostalgia and watch YouTube videos in TEXTp.  In a related situation, also went with ASCII Art.

Google Mobile Search: Where Am I?

According to Google Mobile blog, the alpha release of “where am I” is now rolling out.  Doing this on my Droid, I am told I am on Saturn.  Looks like it’s working just fine.


In the style of my favorite literary format, Woot today forewent the random bag of crap and instead opted for multiple items using a “Woot your own adventure” way to shop.  I’m still looking for the ending that ends with me winning a bag of crap!

Books and Street View

Google is now offering books in 3D.  I left my glasses at home. I may need to go grab them. I should have known to bring them in, since I noticed the Google Street View in 3D last night.  Check out Times Square in 3D.

Gmail: Dimemvowelled

If you leave yourself logged into GMail, you may have missed this one. Gmail has removed the vowels from it’s home page and logo. Now it’s just Gml.

Starbucks?! Yes, Starbucks

In a great way of getting viral marketing, Starbucks released new sizes today, Plenta (for people like me) and Micra (for those who just need a 2 ounce shot of coffee).

Google Docs – Upload anyTHING (for a price)

In January, Google Docs  let you upload any file type to your account. Now they’re  now letting you upload ANYTHING, up to 1GB in size. It’s pricing is simple, 10 cents per kg, along with free pickup and delivery.  Cloud computing just lost the computing.

XKCD – UNIX Prompt Fun

XKCD – a geeky Internet comic – offered a chance at sitting in front of the unixkcd console. You can interact and use many UNIX commands.  For example, you can use “ls” and see directories. You can “cd” into those directories and get redirected to those web pages. Very nifty!

ThinkGeek ran their usual prank gifts. My favorite had to be the iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad. However they really should produce the Dharma Initiative alarm clock.

Google Voice: Go Retro with Standard Voicemail Mode

With big red letters, Google Voice’s page announced new Standard VoiceMail Mode, offering all the “idiosyncrasies” that voicemail offers. When you click to try it out, they let you off the hook quickly stating: “And if you were actually interested in using Standard Voicemail Mode, Google Voice might not be right for you… ;)”

Ben & Jerry’s

In the US: The cows were flipped upside-down, but nothing noticeable.  In the UK, virtual Ice Screen!

But what happened to Google Jail?

Tyler Gray had the inside scoop on  what  looked like a good Google Prank. But it’s not to be found so far.