A Harry Potter Halloween

Yes, it’s official. It will be a Harry Potter theme for Halloween this year. Visitors to the house will need to approach on a designated path and need to sign the list to join the D. A.

The goal is to have several effects including:

  • Some kind of figure in a picture frame talking to guests. We’ll put this at the foot of the driveway, if possible. I’m hoping for Sir Cadogan, with some help from Jim Dale
  • A duel between Harry and Malfoy, complete with animatronic replicas synced to sound
  • Death eaters will be “hiding” in trees and (as planned) on the roof. They WILL shoot spells from their wands while taunting visitors brave enough to approach
  • The plan is also to have said spells manifest themselves via flash pots with smoke and fire effects. (Hense the designated path)
  • My goal is to have a wardrobe with a boggart that will change, depending on the guest

At present, this is all in the planning stage. (February isn’t too early to plan Halloween, is it?) More to follow as the plans progress.

I need a character suggestion. I’m thinking Snape. Although he would not have encouraged the DA.